FIRST PRIORITY – FEEDING STATIONS MUST BE KEPT OUT OF SIGHT with just those bolstering knowing the careful area. This is to shield the sustenance from being debased or annihilated. A water holder should likewise be provided and kept clean with new water.

SECOND PRIORITY – It is obligatory to have dry sustenance accessible consistently in compartments that won’t be presented to rain and haze. This may require inventive camouflage and development of exceptional asylum type covers 먹튀.

THIRD PRIORITY – HAVE A REGULAR FEEDING SCHEDULE – DRY feeders are to be refilled, kept clean from flotsam and jetsam and soil, wet nourishment plates or bowls (either dull darker or dark) should be cleaned or potentially grabbed every day to abstain from uncovering the sustaining stations and grumblings from the neighbors of refuse like appearance. Try not to utilize white paper plates or anything that will draw consideration. Any disregard or untrustworthy activities will affect upon the wild ones and may put their lives in danger. NEVER LET DOWN YOUR GUARD AND BECOME COMPLACENT WITH REGARD TO YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES IN CARETAKING. THERE MAY BE PERSONS WHO WILL NOT TOLERATE THE CATS, NO MATTER HOW IMPROVED THE CIRCUMSTANCES, AND WILL USE ANY OPPORTUNITY TO REMOVE AND/OR DESTROY THEM.

FOURTH PRIORITY – IT IS BEST TO FEED AT THE SAME TIME EACH DAY. They become used to you appearing. Felines are animals of propensity and this will help you also. Additionally, having dry sustenance accessible shields them from asking and looking for nourishment in hazardous spots, particularly on the off chance that you are late in arriving. On the off chance that YOU CANNOT FEED ON YOUR DESIGNATED DAYS, ALWAYS ARRANGE FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO FILL IN FOR YOU. Try not to LET MORE THAN A DAY GO BY WITHOUT SOMEONE CHECKING THE AREA. Numerous things can occur in a 24 hour time frame that would require quick consideration. Watchfulness IS PART OF THE JOB. WE ARE THERE TO INSURE THEIR GOOD HEALTH AND SURVIVAL.

FIFTH PRIORITY – BE OBSERVANT of the individuals who appear for nourishing. Verify whether they appear to be ordinary and there are no wounds or presence of disease and make the fundamental strides for their consideration. Likewise, see whether there are any newcomers without the ear nipped. They should be caught, fixed and additionally fixed and came back to your consideration.

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